Saturday, 8 August 2020

Top 5 Android Apps

Top 5 Android Apps 2020

In this new era everyone has andoid phone and different people use it for different purpose. Student use android phone education purpose. and they install educational apps. Some people use android phone for gaming and some use for entertainment apps. in this article I have 5 best android apps for you. With this 5 apps you can make your smartphone more smart.So without any further due lets start.

U-Dictionary Translate App

world best translate app is here.with this app you can translate any language to any language. this is the world best android translate app.this app provide you best translate in which you are looking for.Mostly people of the world using this app for translation. here you can get this app.


Diary- Android App

So here is the new app for you. The name of this android app is diary.You can write anything and save it for long time memories. In this app you can create catagories and save it for long time. when you want to see your past memories you can open this app and watch older memories.

PDF Reader

This is another good android app for books and novels lovers. you can downloads novel ans books but can not read without here is the solution. this pdf reader app allow you to read any book you doanload from google.

Sweet Selfie-Android Camera 

If you are selfie lover then this android app is for you.This is the best app for taking pictures.everyone takes selfies and takes pictures. with this app you can take best facebook profile pictures.

HD Wallpapers 

The first thing of your mobile is how your android looks. so without best wallpapers you can not make great look of your here is the best HD wallpapers android app.with this latest app you can make your phone attractive here is the app.

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