Monday, 10 August 2020

August 10, 2020

Top 5 Videos Editing Apps

Best Videos Editing Android Apps 2020 

In this new world videos editing is most important thing. mostly people have  their own youtube channel and they are creating videos. after creating videos the most important is that how to edit videos. so today i am going to share with you best videos editing apps. so without any further due lets started.


For videos editing kinemaster is the best android app. Most youtubers are using this android app for videos editing. This is the easy app to use and edit videos. In this app you just need to create a new project and select background. after this you  can start your project. at the end you can export your video from kinemaster.


Filmorago is another good option for videos editing. in  this app you can edit your videos on expert level. you have to learn filmorago then you can edit your videos. without learning this android app you can not edit your videos. but this is professional video editing apps.


PowerDirector always help you to edit videos from basic level . You do not need to become expert in this app. Just Install this PowerDirector app and start editing videos. This app has more features and best for videos editing. simply get this app from playstore and then start editing.


Vmer is good videos editing app for those who want to join 2 or more videos .this is the more usefull app for video merging. you can join more videos in same time and create a 1 video.So this app is waiting for you. install this app from playstore.


For Entertainment purpose you can edit your videos in this android app. This is the most popular android app because in this app you can edit videos without learning. this is simple android app. and videos editing is very easy in this app. .

Saturday, 8 August 2020

August 08, 2020

Top 5 Android Apps

Top 5 Android Apps 2020

In this new era everyone has andoid phone and different people use it for different purpose. Student use android phone education purpose. and they install educational apps. Some people use android phone for gaming and some use for entertainment apps. in this article I have 5 best android apps for you. With this 5 apps you can make your smartphone more smart.So without any further due lets start.

U-Dictionary Translate App

world best translate app is here.with this app you can translate any language to any language. this is the world best android translate app.this app provide you best translate in which you are looking for.Mostly people of the world using this app for translation. here you can get this app.


Diary- Android App

So here is the new app for you. The name of this android app is diary.You can write anything and save it for long time memories. In this app you can create catagories and save it for long time. when you want to see your past memories you can open this app and watch older memories.

PDF Reader

This is another good android app for books and novels lovers. you can downloads novel ans books but can not read without here is the solution. this pdf reader app allow you to read any book you doanload from google.

Sweet Selfie-Android Camera 

If you are selfie lover then this android app is for you.This is the best app for taking pictures.everyone takes selfies and takes pictures. with this app you can take best facebook profile pictures.

HD Wallpapers 

The first thing of your mobile is how your android looks. so without best wallpapers you can not make great look of your here is the best HD wallpapers android app.with this latest app you can make your phone attractive here is the app.

Friday, 7 August 2020

August 07, 2020

Super VPN

Super VPN For Android 2020 

Super vpn is totally for use and easy to connect with just one click. Mostly people in the world using this Super vpn for android in 2020.This vpn save us from spamming online and keep our data secure from anyone. So today i am going to tell you about this vpn and benefits of this vpn in 2020.

Best Android vpn in 2020

So far so good. I was having issues connecting to apps and games on mobile data even when my 4G signal was excellent So someone suggested this app. Its easy to connect. I do what I need to then it's as easy to disconnect. As straight forward as that. Yes there is an add when you open and close but that's a click and close job. You dont have to sit there for 30 seconds and watch anything.

Super Vpn Latest Version 2020

Wanted an app that actually works well since Tachyon VPN, while it a sounds awesome, has not been connecting over the last 2 months. This app is easy to use without any complicated settings and has been working great for my needs. There are ads to deal with (the only downside I've found so far) but will put up with them as long as I'm not required to buy a subscription.


Monday, 23 December 2019

December 23, 2019

Jazz World

Jazz World Amazing Features 

Hi guys welcome to new fresh and amazing app for Jazz users. As you you know I always recommend best app for you . So I am here with another best and amazing android app. Jazz user can use this amazing app and get a lot of benefits from this app. so without any further due lets started. 

Usage Interface

with one of the best and amazing features is that  you can always check your usage records like Balance Calls and sms as well as Mbs. So this app have this amazing records for you . guys do not miss this app to get these latest features. 

Packages Subscription 

This app offers you to subscribe any kind of jazz package like Calls , sms, and Internet . you just need to select the packages that you wanted to subscribe and then select the inquiry option that is availabe in the app. and then your package will be activated.

Recharge and Bill Payments

With this amazing app you can recharge your balance for your jazz numbers. also you can do for your friends jazz number is well. with this great app you will pay  your bill payment. your electricity bill and gass bill will be submitted very easily with is amazng app. 

Packages Details

The another good point is that you  can check your packaeges detail like sms calls and internert. all of your packages detail is availalble in the app. with one click you can check your details. 

500 MB Free Internet

At the first time you install this app you will be awarded with 500 mb free internet 4G network. so hurryg up guys 500 mb is waiting for you . Do not miss this 500. Get app from here.


Sunday, 20 October 2019

October 20, 2019

Free Internet Vpn

Free Internet vpn unlimited free proxy
Free internet vpn is best for using free interenet in pakistan on zong sim.Free interent vpn provide us unlimited free proxy to connect any country and star using. Free Internet vpn is free and do not ask for premium version and you do not need to provide credit card information etc.Free internet vpn can be used for access to any website or any apps in the world.

Free Internet vpn on zong 
You can use free internet on zong with the help of free internet vpn.Zong free internet vpn available and you can use free internet on zong sim. With this vpn you can use unlimited free internet. zong free internet 4G 5G can be used in Pakistan and you should try this new amazing vpn on zong sim.

Zong Free Internet Fast Speed
Zong free internet fast speed available with Free Internet Vpn and this is very easy to connect and use free without balance.Free Internet vpn is the ultimate best and free vpn.Zong free Internet will work fast with this new free internet vpn.

Free Internet Vpn Speed Booster and Speed Test
With this vpn you can  boost your internet speed almost double. So boys try it for speed boost. With this vpn you can also check your internet speed with speed test option.So this vpn also help you to boost your mobile internet speed and test your mobile internet speed.

Get Free Internet Vpn
From here you can get free internet vpn and start using free internet .this is absolutely free vpn and you do not have to pay for it. so enjoy this best and amazing vpn.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

October 19, 2019

Whats Vpn

Whats vpn unlimited free proxy
Whats vpn is another good option for those who are looking to by pass any website are any android apps.This is best and easy to use and good option for all those who are looking to use vpn in your android mobile.Whats vpn is good option for all those and easy to connect.Whats vpn do not have big size it is just 12 mbs size and easy to install.

Whats Vpn Free Internet
Whats vpn is available to use free internet on zong sim. You can use Whats vpn unlimited free internet. It will work fast and free of cost.You just need to install it in your mobile and click on connect button. You do not need to complete any task to earn free mbs for free internet. Once it will connected it will be free for unlimited time.

How To Use Whats VPN
Its easy and fast to use whats vpn in your mobile and provide you very fast speed for free internet.Whats vpn can be ussed for unlimited time free internet.Whats vpn is easy to connect for free internet.Just open the Whats vpn and star to connect button and then select united kingdom for free internet on zong sim.

Zong Free Internet with Whats Vpn 
On zong sim you can use free internet with Whats vpn.Zong 3G 4G 5G sim you can connect and start free internet.Zong internet package is not required to use Whats vpn. Its absolutely free.Whats vpn is also used for proxy. this vpn will provide you united kingdom and united states proxy for zong user to use free internet.

Get Whats Vpn
From here you will get whats vpn free . and then you can install in your mobile.After that you have to click on connect button.then start using free internet.Whats vpn is very usefull for free internet.

Friday, 18 October 2019

October 18, 2019

High Vpn

High Vpn Wifi Security and Best Proxy Server
High vpn is best wifi security provider vpn.. High vpn is free vpn to use free internet and amazing proxy server vpn. High vpn have advantage to keep your wifi secure and private. so you can save your data from hacker and keep your internet secure. High vpn is also best for getting proxy from any country and use it free of cost. This vpn is absolulutely free and have full version of do not need to upgrade this vpn for pro version. its full version not trials version. High vpn can be used for free internet in Pakistan .

High Vpn Free Internet
High vpn is ultimate free internet vpn. This vpn provide you daily free mbs to use free internet in your zong sim. and you can use free internet with your mobile.Zong users can connect it and start using free internet.High vpn provide you daily 50 mbs to use free internet but when you install it very first time you will get 500 mbs free internet.High vpn provide you daily 50 mbs free and some other special offers available at high vpn so you can complete the offers and get rewards of it free mbs.

How To Use High Vpn 
This is so simple to use high vpn. you just need to install it and then click to open and then click to connect . you can select united kingdom for free internet and then start using free internet. daily limit is 50 mbs and some offers is also available so you can earn more mbs is well.

Daily Free Mbs on High vpn
High vpn provide you daily free mbs and you can use it free of cost. you can use facebook,whatsapp and youtube is be free and enjoy high vpn. there is daily free mbs available .